Eating Color

“Eating Color” – How color can change the way it tastes

There’s a reason why they call cooking “the culinary arts”. It’s a form of expression. The primary focus typically is the taste, but ALL five senses are critical to make a dish exceptional. For this week’s blog post, we decided to focus on presentation. Specifically, how does color affect the way a meal tastes? Eating… Read more »

Introducing our newest Blue Angel Cafe Video

With a nip in the air and fall in full swing, we’re excited to release our latest video! On a perfect summer’s afternoon, we invited a few of our friends over to Blue Angel Café & Catering Company to help us film. We’re all about supporting local businesses and any time we want to create… Read more »

How to make the most out of your Cookbook Collection

Food is our passion and delighting our customers is our calling. But, our story doesn’t start in South Lake Tahoe but instead deep in Europe. Uni, one of our original partners, was studying to be a chef at an art school in Tuscany. It was a time for her to experiment with food and sprout… Read more »

Blue Angel Cafe Secret Menu Hack – Curried Chicken Wrap

After a tough day of work or a long adventure on the slopes & trails, you need something that makes you feel special. You can of course go the classic route and get a nice cold beer or a glass of wine but what if you wanted something different? What if you wanted to feel… Read more »

best breakfast burrito in tahoe

Best Breakfast Burrito in Tahoe

They say the best way to start the day is with a hearty breakfast and to make it your biggest meal. We may open at 11:30 am, but we know when you’re on vacation, it’s nice to start the day off a bit later than normal. Perhaps you had a great night out on the… Read more »

Family Reunion? Corporate Retreat? Have Blue Angel cater your getaway

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful setting for a family reunion, a gathering of friends or even a corporate retreat. A great time to book these types of large gatherings is during the shoulder seasons, like the fall. The crowds have dwindled, the weather is perfect and most of all, price of lodging has gone down…. Read more »

Blue Angel Kids Menu patio outside

Kids Food can be tasty AND good for them

As any parent knows, children are picky eaters. They are the biggest food critics too. Unfortunately, this usually translates to the Kid’s menu being slapped together at a restaurant with very little thought or effort. Of course, we at Blue Angel Café and Catering pride ourselves on what we serve and not just our adult… Read more »

Celebrate ‘More Herbs – Less Salt Day’ with a natural meal

Life is all about balance. Splurging on ‘special’ foods every once in a while, is OK, but it doesn’t mean that these meals must be made from artificial ingredients. We at Blue Angel Café try our best to stick to making our dishes the healthiest possible. So, what foods are considered ‘Processed’? If you ask… Read more »

Blue Angel Cafe Piri Piri Ribs St Louis Style Ribs

Want to get a Runner’s High while eating? Try Spicy Food!

This Saturday August 19th is National Hot and Spicy Food Day. It’s a day dedicated to eating spicy foods, particularly of international origin. Since we’re all about international cuisine this is your chance to have an excuse and grab something a bit more spicy! But before we talk about what we have on the menu… Read more »

Blue Angel Cafe Tahoe Catering International Cuisine

Potluck versus Private Catering… which is better?

You’re about to enjoy a family reunion, wedding anniversary or a big ‘ole birthday party. Of course, you could have it at a banquet hall but why rent a venue when you have a beautiful home with an amazing view? Instead, you’ve made the decision to have the shindig at home. The next looming question…… Read more »