15th Anniversary Blue Angel CafeJust last week I got a message on Facebook telling me that we hit our 15th anniversary for Blue Angel Café. WOW! Has time flown by. It feels like just yesterday we opened the café. We love all our skiers, snowboarders and outdoor peeps venturing up to the slopes on Heavenly and stopping by for a little après after a day filled with powder turns. Reflecting over the last decade and a half, while so much has changed, a lot has remained the same.

Award Winning Tahoe Cafe

The first thing that comes to mind is the hard work that we’ve put into our food and customer service. Our dedication has given us the opportunity to be called award winning. But, this could never have been possible if it wasn’t for our loyal customers. Each award is because of YOU and here’s just a few we’ve been honored with:

#1 Lake Tahoe Café – As voted by USA Today

#1 Vegetarian & Vegan-Friendly Restaurant in South Lake Tahoe

Considered the “Local’s Spot” for après

What hasn’t changed since day one?

Blue Angel Kids Menu patio outside

It’s always been about family at Blue Angel Cafe

This got us thinking what hasn’t changed? Most important to us… we’ve ALWAYS been about family. Not just ours, but we think of our customers as family too. People like Martin Hollay who donated to our Blue Angel collection and all our first-time guests we meet each day… everyone’s a part of our big Blue Angel family.

A Place Where People Can Pick-up Where They Left Off

Time really doesn’t matter in the greater scheme of things. Regardless of how long it’s been, as soon as you see someone again, a flood of memories come back all at once. They bring up emotions as your mind puzzle-pieces together everything, making a huge smile come across your face. A great example of this just happened yesterday. We served two people that came in separately with their families and sat at neighboring tables. Suddenly, both looked over and recognized one another. Twenty-five years later after going to college together in New York, they meet in our café! THIS IS what makes our 15 years so special and we can’t say this enough… THANK YOU!!!


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