It’s National Ice Cream Month! That’s right… Since 1984, July has officially been your opportunity to justify enjoying this creamy concoction. We might not be an ice cream parlor, but we do offer a treat that has ice cream in it that’s even better! But, before we jump into describing this tasty delight, let’s look into the history of this centuries’ old tradition.

Origin of Ice Cream and Marco Polo

Just how old is ice cream? Could you even imagine a world without it? We personally can’t. Dating back to the 5th century, King Tang of Shang in China ordered 94 ice men to make a dish out of buffalo milk, flour and camphor. Over the years, the recipe evolved in the Far East. It wasn’t until Marco Polo arrived in China and saw these types of dishes did this delicious idea make its way back to Italy. In 1660, nearly 400 years later, the Sicilian Procopio introduced a recipe blending milk, cream, butter and eggs at Café Procope, the first café in Paris to serve this treat to the general public.

A “Fashionable” way to enjoy Ice Cream

Now that we got you dreaming about ice cream and wanting a velvety concoction of your own, it’s time to showcase what Blue Angel Café has of the ice cream variety. Instead of just a simple scoop, we offer something special. In fact, it’s Fashionable or as the French would say “a la mode” over a brownie. This isn’t your typical brownie though… It’s a warm caramel-salted brownie with a pretzel crust. The dichotomy of temperatures plus the salt and crunchiness of the pretzel will lead to BIG smiles. So, if you’re in Lake Tahoe enjoying a beautiful summer day, why not stop by and we’ll be sure to make it special!


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