The smell of pine in the air, the warm sunshine on our heads and most of all, the blooming of wildflowers across the Lake Tahoe basin symbolizes an important time of year. It’s not just spring but time for beautiful weddings and large scale events to take place all around the lake. Pulling off these types of gathering are difficult to manage to create the perfect moment but we at Blue Angel Café and Catering Co. are here to help. This week we’re highlighting five things to ask your caterer… But people don’t!


Five things to ask your caterer

Over the years, we’ve fed and hosted hundreds of weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduations, birthday parties, and all sorts of other shin digs. In preparing for these festivities, we’ve learned a few questions to always ask because, surprisingly, our clients don’t but they should.

Tahoe Wedding things to ask your catererKid-friendly

Kids can be finicky eaters and making them happy is a task for sure. It’s important that everyone including the little ones are happy and enjoy the day.

Vegan option

Sure, you might be a big meat eater and most of your party goers might be as well, but the worst thing to do is not have a delicious option for vegetarians & vegans. Don’t alienate any of your party-goers.

Gluten-free option

People are all about feeling healthy. One of those things that most don’t think when creating their event menu is to have a gluten-free option. Be kind and think of everyone.

Extra meat for big eaters

On the other side of the spectrum from vegan and gluten-free are the big eaters that enjoy it all or folks on a paleo diet. Be sure to have extra meat available so no one leaves hungry. Your guests shouldn’t worry about creating a small, rationed plate. They should eat and be merry!

Stay away from pasta and french fries

When selecting a main starch, we highly suggest not selecting one of these. They might sound like a great option, but they don’t hold up well in a buffet. There are many options to explore that will perfectly compliment your menu.


In the end, no matter what you think is far-fetched or impossible, just ask us! Our goal at Blue Angel Café and Catering Company is to exceed your expectations. So, dream big! Accommodating unique requests is one of our specialties, so don’t hesitate to imagine!


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