When you go out to eat what do you typically choose from the menu. Is it the standard fare like a burger or is it something a bit more special? For us, it’s 100% related to things that we can’t or don’t make it home easily. On top of our list? Soups! And for autumn talk about the perfect comfort food on a chilly evening without feeling guilty.

Chef Inspired; Soups Made From Scratch At Blue Angel Café

Best Comfort Food In Tahoe Tomato Basil Soup VeganOn the surface you might think this is easy. Throw some salt. Speckle in a bit of pepper. Nope, that’s not the way we make our soups. Our chef and his team consider it a challenge… nay a CALLING to make different soups every single day FROM SCRATCH. From creamy to hearty each one is special like a painting from Picasso. Are your taste buds getting excited? Well, if you need a bit more coaxing here are just a few of the mouth salivating concoctions they’ve made over the past few weeks:

  • Chicken & Dumpling (With dumplings made from SCRATCH)
  • Carrot Coconut Ginger
  • Vegan Mushroom
  • Southwest Black Bean & Pork
  • Cream & Asparagus

As you can see these aren’t your typical hum drum soups that you’d find in a super market. And we make sure that we offer vegan & gluten free options so that depending on your dietary restrictions. We got you covered!

Cup of Soup And Half Sandwich For Only $9* Until 3 pm

Lastly, if this didn’t get you excited to come in for lunch we’re “sweetening” the deal with our classic cup of soup and ½ sandwich for only $9* if you join our loyalty program via the Flok app. All you have to do is check in via the app and voila!

***SSSLUURRRPP*** let’s just say our facial expression says it all.

*Note: This special cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or special discounts.