Blue Angel Cafe Interior Fireplace Cozy AtmospherAmbience. Character. No matter what you call it, the aura of a place is key for an amazing dining experience. In a world so stressful and filled with tension, it’s nice to have a locale to escape to. That perfect domicile for meeting people and enjoying a fantastic meal. We try our best to be THAT type of eatery… a haven away from the madness. To be Lake Tahoe’s neighborhood café and a great place to study in South Lake Tahoe!

Atmosphere Is Key

So, how do you become that kind of place? It’s not as easy as you think. To make sure the food takes the spotlight, factors like music, lighting, artwork and spacing are important to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. A sense of calm serenity along with a well-planned dish combines to make the perfect meal.

What Makes Blue Angel Best Place To Study In South Lake Tahoe

To do this, we spent a lot of time organizing and planning our restaurant. We wanted to have decorations that showcase the history of the Blue Angel’s and Heavenly Ski Resort while at the same time give a nod towards our love for European cafés. That’s why we have a big comfortable couch next to a warm gas fireplace. Here you can catch up with friends or research your next hike as the flames curl and sway. Our tables are larger than normal too so that if you have a lunch meeting or need a place to study while grabbing a bite to eat, you can. You’ll be as cozy as a kitten.

The next major thing we wanted to focus on was a space filled with a lot of light during the day. We’re very fortunate to be on Ski Run Boulevard which allows lots of natural sunshine to come in giving you a sense of openness. Last but not least, we make it our goal to welcome you into our sanctuary like you’re part of the family because you are!

So, the next time you are in Lake Tahoe feelin’ a little overwhelmed by the crowds or just want a reprieve from the tough daily life, be sure to stop by. We will do our part to make sure you leave happy.

Bon Appetit!


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