Dragonfly Bagel Co. comes to the Blue Angel Café!

Ever since the local South Lake Tahoe bagelry shut its doors a year ago, there’s literally been a “hole” on our side of the lake for local, fresh, delicious bagels. Well, the wait is finally over! You can now “GO LOCAL” AND enjoy a bagel too. We’re proud to announce Dragonfly Bagel Company is moving… Read more »

Tahoe Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu Announced

Some may think Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark™ holiday,” but this couldn’t be further from the truth. February has long been celebrated as a month of romance. St. Valentine’s Day, as we now know it, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. According to legend, an imprisoned Valentine sent the first “valentine” greeting… Read more »

International music returns to Blue Angel Café

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the new year at our favorite annual party – Snowglobe. It was an unforgettable event. Hearing the music thump through the picturesque pines and seeing people of all ages dancing their hearts out, it washed our stresses away. Seeing such positive energy in a large group of people inspired… Read more »

Tibetan Monks visiting Blue Angel Café this month

Tibet is nicknamed the “Roof of the World” because of its towering mountains and standing as the highest region on Earth. The Tibetan Plateau has an average elevation of 16,000 feet. That’s higher than all the peaks in the Sierra Nevada range! In this majestic locale existed 2,700 monasteries but by the time of the… Read more »

Gorgonzola Cheesecake South Lake Tahoe

Gorgonzola Cheesecake – A Culinary Adventure you won’t soon forget

Spending time in the mountains is all about adventure. You don’t need to climb the highest peak or ski off a 50-foot cliff to make your time in Lake Tahoe memorable. It’s about trying and doing new things that are a little bit out of your comfort zone. At Blue Angel Café & Catering Company,… Read more »

Welcome the New Year at Snowglobe 2018

No matter how much you enjoyed 2017, starting 2018 is going to be exciting. It’s an opportunity to start off on a clean slate and a good foot forward. For us, there’s no better way to kick it off than at SnowGlobe. How often do you live in a mountain town with a massive music… Read more »

How do you know it’s the Holidays?

The first major clue is the aroma of our warming Glühwein. The smell of cinnamon, cloves and oranges with its deep, fruity fragrance permeates throughout our entire café. Another hint is the decorations not just lining Ski Run Boulevard but also our patrons AND our restaurant. The part that really warms our hearts is that… Read more »

Femenino – Grounds for change

Over the last decade, coffee has gone through a major revolution. Instead of just “something” you drink at a greasy spoon, it has elevated to the “star” of the morning. You now can train your palette for coffee just like wine. And since our partner Alpen Sierra Coffee is local, we thought why not venture… Read more »

Why Nitro?

Have you ever had a beer that left you feeling like a balloon? Frustrating, right? There’s nothing worse than being bloated or sluggish after a pint. One way to combat that feeling is to get yourself a beer on Nitro. Besides that smooth silky flavor reminiscent of a Guinness, it also makes sure you aren’t… Read more »

Ski season is here & to celebrate the best Glühwein in Tahoe is back!

Wow is all we can say! This summer and fall have been a whirlwind for us at the Blue Angel Café & Catering Company. We’ve met some great new friends as well as got a chance to catch up with old ones. With Thanksgiving approaching, it has us glowing that ski season is here, so… Read more »