Blue Angel Café’s Favorite Hiking Destination

While the summer days are still warm, the evenings are beginning to cool off. It’s a signal that our march towards fall is inching closer. In just a few weeks, the crowds will dwindle, and we’ll have a bit more time to venture out into the great outdoors. So, what is the Blue Angel Café… Read more »

rosemary fresh herbs blue angel cafe

The History of Rosemary & Why We Love It

In the culinary world, herbs and spices are differentiated. Herbs refer to the leafy green or flowering parts while a spice is taken from another portion of the plant such as the seeds, bark, roots or even the fruit itself. What’s our personal favorite herb? Rosemary is the clear winner due to its history and… Read more »

Aphrodite Greek Goddess

Thank Aphrodite …. For Oregano

Herbs & spices are what make a dish exceptional. Without them, things would be dull & flavorless. Does that mean food has to be spicy? Heck no! Just as we’ve talked about rosemary, oregano is a beautiful edition to everything from soup to pizza. But, before we go into some cool things about oregano, let’s… Read more »

Heirloom tomato salad blue angel cafe

“Eating Color” – How color can change the way it tastes

There’s a reason why they call cooking “the culinary arts”. It’s a form of expression. The primary focus typically is the taste, but ALL five senses are critical to make a dish exceptional. For this week’s blog post, we decided to focus on presentation. Specifically, how does color affect the way a meal tastes? Eating… Read more »

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Why Blue Angel Grinds Their Own Spices Daily

Bottom line… when you go to a restaurant, you expect BIG flavors that you can’t get at home. Besides using fresh, local ingredients where possible, one additional thing we do at Blue Angel is to make sure our flavors aren’t “dull” by grinding our spices daily! Once you step into our restaurant and smell the… Read more »

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Cookbook Collection

Food is our passion and delighting our customers is our calling. But, our story doesn’t start in South Lake Tahoe but instead deep in Europe. Uni, one of our original partners, was studying to be a chef at an art school in Tuscany. It was a time for her to experiment with food and sprout… Read more »

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Celebrate ‘More Herbs – Less Salt Day’ With A Natural Meal

Life is all about balance. Splurging on ‘special’ foods every once in a while, is OK, but it doesn’t mean that these meals must be made from artificial ingredients. We at Blue Angel Café try our best to stick to making our dishes the healthiest possible. So, what foods are considered ‘Processed’? If you ask… Read more »

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Gestalt – Our Philosophy Behind Making A Good Meal Great

When I was in an art class years ago, I vividly remember looking at a photo of three people holding hands. It was of a man, woman and child. Without any additional context, I knew this picture symbolized something bigger than just three people. It showed a family that truly cared for one other. It… Read more »

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Our Newest Goal – Become The Best Date Night Spot In Lake Tahoe

These days everyone is busy. Work, play, socializing with friends and family, there’s hardly enough hours to carve out some time with your significant other. The problem is most of us don’t realize time spent focused as a couple is just as important. And one of the best ways to do this is by having… Read more »

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Best Catering In Lake Tahoe? Blue Angel Café & Catering!

Smiles and thanks from our customers is all we truly need when we cater events like weddings, private parties, and even birthdays. But occasionally, it’s nice to garner something a bit more “official.” If you haven’t heard… Blue Angel Café & Catering has won best catering AGAIN in Lake Tahoe for 2019! Combine that with… Read more »