Starwberry Champagne Salad Blue Angel Cafe

Strawberry Champagne Salad – Healthy AND Sweet!

When it’s warm out, you’re typically looking for something light, refreshing, colorful, and maybe even a bit sweet. How does a strawberry shortcake sound? No, we’re not talking about the decadent summer treat but rather our NEW Strawberry Champagne salad. It tastes exactly like that dessert you want, but it’s healthy! Dessert Meets A Salad…… Read more »

What’s New At Blue Angel For Summer… Brews

Lazy days on the beach hearing the waves crash against the shore… The smell of fresh mountain air and exploring the trails around Lake Tahoe. There’s nothing like a summer’s day in South Lake Tahoe as the area transforms into a lake paradise. With warm days and cool evenings, it’s the perfect place to get… Read more »

Summer Sunshine Pairs Well With The Best Beer Selection In Tahoe

This summer has been a whirlwind of change when it comes to the adult refreshments we offer. From bringing in exciting new local Hard Ciders to Hard Root Beer Floats, of course just like we always do, our beer selection in the summer changes as well. With summertime fun time in full swing, be sure… Read more »

Blue Angel Cafe New Wines Boeger Pinot Gris Wine El Dorado County

Happy 4th of July! To Celebrate, Try One Of Our NEW Wines!

This summer we’ve really turned up the heat on the drinks we’re serving. As you saw in our What’s new at Blue Angel for Summer… Brews Part 1 we have a HUGE new selection of suds. But, “What about our wines?”, you ask. Well, we thought for the 4th of July weekend we’d spice it up… Read more »

Victims Of The New Menu Update…

For those that have visited us in the past week, you know we’ve turned the volume up past 10 when it comes to flavors. We’re not talking about the spiciness… but rather how GREAT it is! Like any great change, some things had to be sacrificed to make room for our NEW Mountain Bistro Menu…. Read more »

Serenity From The Summer Madness

Lake Tahoe is all about the experience, embracing nature while at the same time having access to all the modern amenities. This is a combination rarely found anywhere else in the World. Besides exploring the iconic outdoor locales, such as the Tahoe Rim Trail, be sure to take some time to discover the neighborhoods of… Read more »

Breaking News For Blue Angel Café – Rolling Out A NEW Mountain Bistro Menu

If you hadn’t noticed, we’ve put in a lot of changes such as bringing back breakfast on weekends, putting local brews on tap but the biggest and most exciting is the latest… we rolled out a whole new menu at Blue Angel Café as of Wednesday, June 12th! New Menu Rolling Out At Blue Angel… Read more »

Wedding Day Survival Kit

The day has finally come. The windows in your home are wide open letting in the fresh mountain air and the smell of nature. Just outside the room, you hear birds singing a song of beauty. Today is special. Everything seems more electric. It’s your wedding day! Like all major events and especially your wedding,… Read more »

Haunting Foods

Don’t Get Spooked… “Haunting” Foods Are A Good Thing!

Have you heard of haunting foods? And no, we’re not talking about those meals that give you heartburn. We’re talking about dishes where you take one bite, and if you wait a second, suddenly the original flavor transforms into something totally different. It’s a recipe that offers a taste that stays hidden until it explodes… Read more »

Cold Brew Coffee Comes To Blue Angel Café

Last summer, we started an experiment. We decided to start making cold brew coffee. Being our first year trying it, we wanted to perfect our craft. The major question was would people want to have a nice, tall, refreshing cup of cold brew coffee served in our café? And the resounding answer was… YES! It… Read more »