Calling All Blue Angel Café Fans – Vote For Us In The Best Of Tahoe Contest

In case you haven’t heard, the Tahoe Daily Tribune has just opened up voting for its annual Best of Tahoe contest. In 2018, we couldn’t be more excited that after 15+ years in business, you voted us as the best in Tahoe for Catering. For 2019, we’d love to have your support in voting us… Read more »

mother's day in Lake Tahoe

Celebrate Mother’s Day In Lake Tahoe Right With A Fabulous Brunch At Blue Angel Café

While there are quite a few “Hallmark holidays” on the calendar, Mother’s Day isn’t one of them. It’s a time to show our true appreciation for all the amazing mothers that have raised us. And Blue Angel Café is here to make sure that you & your mom celebrate Mother’s Day in Lake Tahoe right…… Read more »

morning after wedding brunch bride groom

Morning After Wedding Brunch – A New Trend For Destination Weddings

No matter how you look at it, a wedding is like a massive project. Days, weeks, months of hard work all combine to this special day for the bride & groom. And once the day is over… come on, let’s be honest here. Everyone including the newlywed couple wants to let their hair down &… Read more »

A Look Back At The Santa Fun Run – A Holiday Reunion Of Ski Run

Have you ever had an activity or experience that you’re like “Wow! Why did we stop doing this?” That’s exactly what happened at this year’s Santa Fun Run. After a few years’ hiatus, the folks at SOS Outreach inspired us to bring back the run & boy was it a blast. BUT, the best part…… Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day – Your Chance To Save BIG If You Book Now

Some may think Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark™ holiday,” but this couldn’t be further from the truth. February has long been celebrated as a month of romance. And in true Blue Angel Café & Catering style, for the rest of the romantic month we’re offering you a chance to save $214 on booking a rehearsal… Read more »

Valhalla Tahoe – THE Dream Venue For A Wedding

Our award-winning catering service has been operating in South Lake Tahoe for more than a decade. While we love our own onsite catering venue the Blue Angel Loft, sometimes you need something bigger. Something more extravagant! That’s where Valhalla Tahoe comes in. Being one of the preferred Valhalla Tahoe catering vendors, we’ve handled countless wedding… Read more »

Blue Angel Kids Menu patio outside

Kids Food Can Be Tasty AND Good For Them

As any parent knows, children are picky eaters. They are the biggest food critics too. Unfortunately, this usually translates to the Kid’s menu being slapped together at a restaurant with very little thought or effort. Of course, we at Blue Angel Café and Catering pride ourselves on what we serve and not just our adult… Read more »

Elevate Your Palate & Celebrate the 2019 California Restaurant Month at Blue Angel

No matter what brings you to the mountains, alpine living works up an appetite. Starting Monday, January 21st through Sunday, January 27th, Tahoe South gives you the opportunity to explore our region’s cuisines AND save big! As part of the 2019 California Restaurant Week festivities, come into Blue Angel Café & try what many consider… Read more »

Culinary Boot Camps At Lake Tahoe Community College

While passion is essential to culinary arts, having a strong skillset to go along with that passion is key to succeed in the culinary. As many South Tahoe restaurants can attest, it’s difficult to find skilled people to fill positions in a smaller community like ours. And when we do often times, they come packed… Read more »

Pulled Pork Sliders Tahoe Happy Hour

Pulled Pork Sliders – A Tahoe Happy Hour Favorite

When it comes to cooking techniques, each one is like a color in the palette of an impressionist painter. The outcome of a dish varies nearly as much through cooking methods as it does through the ingredients. And one of our personal favorite cooking styles is BBQ… particularly around our Pulled Pork sliders & sandwiches…. Read more »