Small Businesses Like Eggnog Too – Uniting Small Office Groups For One Grand Holiday Party!

Are you a small business in Lake Tahoe with a handful of team members? Want to celebrate the holidays but don’t know what to do? Well, this year Blue Angel Café has decided to throw a gala for you! That’s right! If you have a small business, reserve a couple of seats or a table… Read more »

Blue Angel Cafe Interior

Blue Angel Café – A Haven Away From The Madness

Ambience. Character. No matter what you call it, the aura of a place is key for an amazing dining experience. In a world so stressful and filled with tension, it’s nice to have a locale to escape to. That perfect domicile for meeting people and enjoying a fantastic meal. We try our best to be… Read more »

The Best Employee Party Ever – Blue Angel’s Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza

Office parties can be expensive, energy consuming and downright scary. But, as the #1 catering business in Lake Tahoe, you KNOW that our employee party is the best ever. It’s none of that unfun stuff, and in fact, it’s a great team building opportunity. For this year, we decided to make our annual staff party… Read more »

Blue Angel Café Donates To Tahoe Area Sierra Club

Did you know that the legendary John Muir came to the shores of Lake Tahoe to form the first Sierra club? It was this meeting that inspired the original owner of Desolation Wilderness to hand over his 10,000 acres from Fallen Leaf Lake to Mt. Tallac and make it a forest preserve. Can you imagine… Read more »

Aphrodite Greek Goddess

Thank Aphrodite …. For Oregano

Herbs & spices are what make a dish exceptional. Without them, things would be dull & flavorless. Does that mean food has to be spicy? Heck no! Just as we’ve talked about rosemary, oregano is a beautiful edition to everything from soup to pizza. But, before we go into some cool things about oregano, let’s… Read more »

We Love Fall Because…

It’s truly a magical time to be in Lake Tahoe. You feel as though the entire town of South Lake Tahoe is taking a big breath to stop for a moment and enjoy the peace. While there are a lot of festivals happening in and around town this month, it’s not these extravaganzas that we… Read more »

Best Comfort Food In Tahoe For The Fall?

When you go out to eat what do you typically choose from the menu. Is it the standard fare like a burger or is it something a bit more special? For us, it’s 100% related to things that we can’t or don’t make it home easily. On top of our list? Soups! And for autumn… Read more »

Can You Trust Someone That Doesn’t Have Facial Expressions When Eating?

Your head tilts back, your eyes roll upward, and you let out a large gasp. Wow! The first bite from your meal has put you in a sense of euphoria. Absolutely amazing! Looking over to the person across the table, their face is stone cold. They shovel in their food like a robot without showing… Read more »

Sample the Sierra Blue Angel Cafe

Blue Angel Café & Catering To Showcase Fall Flavors At Sample The Sierra

For those that have read our other posts, we’re passionate about serving local fare in our restaurant. From our new ciders to the fresh herbs directly from our garden, we do our best to keep it “fresh”. That’s why for 2018 we HAD to be part of Lake Tahoe’s largest farm-to-fork festival – Sample The… Read more »

Blue Angel Café’s Favorite Hiking Destination

While the summer days are still warm, the evenings are beginning to cool off. It’s a signal that our march towards fall is inching closer. In just a few weeks, the crowds will dwindle, and we’ll have a bit more time to venture out into the great outdoors. So, what is the Blue Angel Café… Read more »