Lake Tahoe Wedding Season Is Here!

Boy, has the spring been a rollercoaster of weather. Luckily, as soon as the calendar hit June 1st we’re now in full summer mode. Ample amounts of sunshine, warm days of adventure, and cool nights for lounging in our patio. What more could you want? Life doesn’t get much better than this. It also means… Read more »

Ski Run Farmer's Market

Ski Run – Farmer’s Market Is Up & Running!

In Lake Tahoe, we’re very lucky to have four distinct seasons. Each one involves festivities to either kick it off or finish the season with style. For us, it isn’t summer until the Ski Run Farmer’s Market is in full swing! And, luckily for all of us, the first one was on Friday, June 1st and… Read more »

The History of Rosemary & Why We Love It

In the culinary world, herbs and spices are differentiated. Herbs refer to the leafy green or flowering parts while a spice is taken from another portion of the plant such as the seeds, bark, roots or even the fruit itself. What’s our personal favorite herb? Rosemary is the clear winner due to its history and… Read more »

Amgen Tour of California

Amgen Tour of California Returns to South Lake Tahoe

May is a secret season that no one really talks about. It’s the time of year when the visitor masses of winter are no longer coming up, but at the same time, our annual summer enthusiasts aren’t here either. What better chance for you to enjoy the warm weather without the crowds? It’s also time… Read more »

Get the Flok Outta Here – Blue Angel Frequent Flyers Are Taking Off!

We wanted to do it right, so we researched loyalty programs for over two years before signing on with Flok to connect you to your much-deserved rewards. Blue Angel Loyalty Program – All about Surpassing the 10% Locals’ Discount From the beginning of our Frequent Flyer program, we wanted to surpass the standard 10% locals’… Read more »

Blue Angel Herb Garden

Spring Means… Gardening Season!

While it might be a bit melancholy that the ski season has wrapped up at Heavenly Mountain Resort, it doesn’t mean we’re going to let ourselves get depressed. Instead, we’ve set our sights to the next season in Lake Tahoe… for us, that’s gardening season. Our herb garden, that is! Blue Angel Café Herb Garden… Read more »

Opening Day… For the Blue Angel Café Patio

Wow! What a wonderful way to finish up the ski season strong at Heavenly. Warm sunshine, cold brews and fantastic corn snow… talk about a perfect closing day. While our Jazz Juice Tuesdays may have wrapped up for the year, it only means the Blue Angel Café patio is opening up for the 2018 season!… Read more »

Calling All Blue Angel Café Fans – Vote For Us In The Best Of Tahoe Contest

In case you haven’t heard, the Tahoe Daily Tribune has just opened up nominations for its annual Best of Tahoe contest. For 2018, they’re changing things up a bit. First, instead of just being South Lake Tahoe, it’s now becoming lake wide meaning the competition is even more fierce. Second, only businesses with the top… Read more »

South Tahoe Restaurant Association Helps Push For More Local Produce

One of our goals at Blue Angel Café is to locally source as much of our food as we can. It’s almost impossible to do this ourselves so we’ve joined forces with the South Tahoe Restaurant Association to make this happen. In its infancy, the plan is to work with a group called Tahoe Food… Read more »

Gestalt – Our Philosophy Behind Making A Good Meal Great

When I was in an art class years ago, I vividly remember looking at a photo of three people holding hands. It was of a man, woman and child. Without any additional context, I knew this picture symbolized something bigger than just three people. It showed a family that truly cared for one other. It… Read more »