blue angel cafe happy hour

The Blue Angel’s Food Pairing Extravaganza!

We LOVE aprés-skiing, but we’re just as passionate about food and libations all year long. A few weeks ago we had the Boeger Winemaker’s Dinner, crafted by our Executive Chef Glenn Simpson. This sparked the idea of asking our staff to come up with their own top honor pairings we serve on a daily basis…. Read more »

Ski Run Farmer's Market

Ski Run – Farmer’s Market starts this Friday

In Lake Tahoe, we’re very lucky to have four distinct seasons. Each one involves festivities to either kick it off or finish the season with style. For us, it isn’t summer until the Ski Run Farmer’s Market is in full swing! And, luckily for all of us, the first one is coming up this Friday,… Read more »

Wedding Day Survival Kit

The day has finally come. The windows in your home are wide open letting in the fresh mountain air and the smell of nature. Just outside the room, you hear birds singing a song of beauty. Today is special. Everything seems more electric. It’s your wedding day! Like all major events and especially your wedding,… Read more »

Thank the US Navy for Happy Hour

Besides Après-skiing, all of us at Blue Angel Cafe & Catering Co. LOVE happy hour. It’s a time to take a break from the mundane activities, hang out with friends, AND save a few bucks. What’s better than that? Well, since it IS one of our favorite times, it doesn’t come as a surprise that… Read more »

5 things Weddings and Catered Events don’t ask… But should!

The smell of pine in the air, the warm sunshine on our heads and most of all, the blooming of wildflowers across the Lake Tahoe basin symbolizes an important time of year. It’s not just spring but time for beautiful weddings and large scale events to take place all around the lake. Pulling off these… Read more »

Winemaker’s Dinner Menu Announced!

As part of our Winemaker’s dinner, alongside our good friends from Boeger Winery, the four course menu has been set. It’s… A little bit Asian And a little bit South American With a little bit Californian and European in it’s soul    Boeger Winemaker’s Dinner Menu Appetizer Korean scallop crudo on half shell topped with seaweed… Read more »

Tahoe Boeger Winemaker's Dinner

Introducing the Blue Angel / Boeger Winemaker’s Dinner

If you haven’t heard, Blue Angel Café ranked #1 on USA Today’s Top 10 list for best café in Lake Tahoe! We are so excited and honored but there’s no time to rest on our laurels. To celebrate and keep the momentum alive, we decided to team up with one of the best wineries in… Read more »

kombucha class south lake tahoe fermentation

Join us for a Kombucha Class!

Over the past few years, the Kombucha craze has caught fire in the US. Although Kombucha is widely available in grocery stores, the beauty of this beverage lies in the long-practiced tradition of teaching the methodology to friends, family and fellow community members. Blue Angel is excited to spread this tradition in our community! Join… Read more »

Martin Hollay Heavenly Valley Vintage Ski Jacket

A Legend visits Blue Angel Café

One of our goals at the café is to create a place for people to showcase the history of the Blue Angels and Heavenly Ski Resort. Our walls are adorned with memorabilia, all donated by our loyal customers and those we call our friends. This past week, the legendary Martin Hollay presented us with a… Read more »

I’ll take an extra helping of Hygge, please!

We’ve all had those times in life filled with stress, work and the monotony of our routines. Sometimes it feels like we can’t detach from the mundane. Then… suddenly out of nowhere, the phone rings! It’s one of your best friends asking if you want to grab a glass of wine or a cup of… Read more »