Best Comfort Food In Tahoe For The Fall?

When you go out to eat what do you typically choose from the menu. Is it the standard fare like a burger or is it something a bit more special? For us, it’s 100% related to things that we can’t or don’t make it home easily. On top of our list? Soups! And for autumn… Read more »

Can You Trust Someone That Doesn’t Have Facial Expressions When Eating?

Your head tilts back, your eyes roll upward, and you let out a large gasp. Wow! The first bite from your meal has put you in a sense of euphoria. Absolutely amazing! Looking over to the person across the table, their face is stone cold. They shovel in their food like a robot without showing… Read more »

Sample the Sierra Blue Angel Cafe

Blue Angel Café & Catering To Showcase Fall Flavors At Sample The Sierra

For those that have read our other posts, we’re passionate about serving local fare in our restaurant. From our new ciders to the fresh herbs directly from our garden, we do our best to keep it “fresh”. That’s why for 2018 we HAD to be part of Lake Tahoe’s largest farm-to-fork festival – Sample The… Read more »

Our Journey To Find A Local Cider That We Love

We spend A LOT of time researching & investigating what beers and wines to serve in our café. It’s because one of our biggest priorities is to showcase local vendors that at the same fit our style. For Hard Ciders, this has always been a major challenge. We’ve tried a lot of them over the… Read more »

Styrofoam Ban South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe Ban On Styrofoam

In just a few months, you’ll no longer see polystyrene in South Lake Tahoe or as most of us know it, the brand name Styrofoam. While we at Blue Angel Café wholeheartedly agree with this ban, we didn’t just sit on the sidelines before it became a law. We tried to do our part ahead… Read more »

best Tahoe Root Beer Float

A “Hard” Root Beer Float?!?

Do you remember as a child or teenager the excitement of summer? School’s out and each day felt like a choose your own adventure book. With summer also comes warmth, sunshine and good ‘ole classic refreshments like the Root Beer Float. For summer 2018, we’ve decided to bring back this legendary drink but for adults…. Read more »

Tahoe Fund Blue Angel Cafe

A Deep Connection: Blue Angel Café & The Tahoe Fund

Did you know that when you visit Blue Angel Café you’re helping the Lake Tahoe environment? That’s right! $1 of every check goes to support the Tahoe Fund’s efforts to improve the area. We don’t just talk the talk… we walk the walk! Because of you, our loyal customers, we raise over $8,000 a year… Read more »

And The Winner Of The Best Of Tahoe 2018 Is…

You guessed it! Blue Angel Café & Catering won the Best of Tahoe Catering award yet again, and we couldn’t have done it without you. A big shout of thanks to everyone who made these past 15 years so wonderful. We’re truly grateful for all we have shared with you. Why We Started Catering in… Read more »

Tahoe Wedding things to ask your caterer

Looking for a Cozy Wedding Venue or Rehearsal Dinner Chateau for July – Sign up & Save BIG!

While we’re known for serving amazing food in our café & our catering is award-winning, many people don’t know we also have a private loft that can serve as the perfect backdrop for a rehearsal dinner or a cozy wedding. And this July, we still have plenty of slots open to accommodate your needs! Instead… Read more »

Lake Tahoe Wedding Season Is Here!

Boy, has the spring been a rollercoaster of weather. Luckily, as soon as the calendar hit June 1st we’re now in full summer mode. Ample amounts of sunshine, warm days of adventure, and cool nights for lounging in our patio. What more could you want? Life doesn’t get much better than this. It also means… Read more »