Martin Hollay Heavenly Valley Vintage Ski Jacket

A Legend visits Blue Angel Café

One of our goals at the café is to create a place for people to showcase the history of the Blue Angels and Heavenly Ski Resort. Our walls are adorned with memorabilia, all donated by our loyal customers and those we call our friends. This past week, the legendary Martin Hollay presented us with a… Read more »

I’ll take an extra helping of Hygge, please!

We’ve all had those times in life filled with stress, work and the monotony of our routines. Sometimes it feels like we can’t detach from the mundane. Then… suddenly out of nowhere, the phone rings! It’s one of your best friends asking if you want to grab a glass of wine or a cup of… Read more »

Rock Tahoe Half Marathon

Here’s the excerpt

What’s in Our Name?

Earlier this season, we talked about the history of Après and our love for that period after skiing. It’s deeply rooted in how our restaurant came to be. It’s the essence of who we are. From our physical location to the items on our walls, we’ve worked hard to embody the Blue Angel culture.  So,… Read more »

Shepherd's Pie

Pies – A European delicacy with American ingenuity

Tuesday, March 14th, is International Pi Day. It’s an opportunity to commemorate the Greek letter π used in mathematics. The famous numeric version 3.141592… relates to the circumference of a circle. Since we love food, when we put together circles and π, we think of pies – the tasty eating-kind! In honor of International Pi… Read more »

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, & SOMETHING BLUE

There are certain days in life that mark the beginning of a new chapter. Early on it may be graduating school or getting your first job but one of the most profound is your wedding. Many special moments in life are personal achievements, but a wedding is much more than that. Your wedding day symbolizes… Read more »

Dancing with the Tahoe Stars

“We gotta teach the children every day, keep a song Show them the light, teach them right from wrong Make some sense so they can carry on” –Rakim   Art is disappearing in our schools today and like Rakim said, it is up to us to teach our children. We have just the event to… Read more »


The story behind a unique coffee drink at the Blue Angel Cafe in South Lake Tahoe. Innovation and inspiration can come from necessity or the desire to do something a bit different. The same principles easily apply to both food and drink. They’re not just about sustenance but rather an opportunity to be creative –… Read more »

The perfect place for all things Apres

Lake Tahoe is famously known for its feast or famine storm cycles. We’re now in the midst of one of the largest bounties of snow we’ve seen in years. With over a 130” falling over Heavenly Ski resort, the mountains are humming with excitement. But just like any great meal, you must finish it with… Read more »

Bodini Malbec Wine South Lake Tahoe

Drop everything & go skiing!

Lake Tahoe’s 2016-17 ski season will go down in infamy as one of the wildest in everyone’s memory. We started out with a very wet Fall, transitioning to floods in late December/early January and now, in mid-January, we’re getting pummeled with snow. With 2017 just kicking off, Heavenly Ski resort has received over 252” of… Read more »