Did you know that the legendary John Muir came to the shores of Lake Tahoe to form the first Sierra club? It was this meeting that inspired the original owner of Desolation Wilderness to hand over his 10,000 acres from Fallen Leaf Lake to Mt. Tallac and make it a forest preserve. Can you imagine Lake Tahoe without this amazing natural park? We can’t imagine it either and that’s why we donate to charities like the Tahoe Area Sierra Club.

Tourism and Conservation: A Delicate Balance in Lake Tahoe

Let’s be honest… we understand that our main economic driver in the Tahoe Basin is tourism. With that being said, the reason why we have people travel here is because of the natural beauty surrounding us. It’s a fine, delicate balance that needs to be thought about every step of the way. Without the guard of organizations like the Sierra Club, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, the League to Save Lake Tahoe and many other agencies and orgs, then crazy projects could’ve ruined the places we love like huge subdivisions, monstrous freeways and even the Emerald Bay Bridge.

Food Isn’t Our Only Passion at Blue Angel

As you’ve read before, food is our passion, but it isn’t our only one. The reason we made this special place our home is because of our love for the surrounding natural beauty that Lake Tahoe provides. We strive to do our part via conservation with things like not using Styrofoam or plastic straws and only bringing water to the table when asked. In addition, we donate to causes we believe in such as the Tahoe Area Sierra Club. Development without checks and balances, such as what happened in the 1950’s, 60’s & 70’s, caused air pollution, decreased water clarity and degradation of scenic areas. Although today that battle is being fought by strong environmental protections, we must keep watch. We’re proud to say that Blue Angel Café is doing its part by donating to the Tahoe Area Sierra Club.

So, just know that we don’t only serve food, but we try our best to be stewards to Lake Tahoe as well. Bon Appetit!