After a tough day of work or a long adventure on the slopes & trails, you need something that makes you feel special. You can of course go the classic route and get a nice cold beer or a glass of wine but what if you wanted something different? What if you wanted to feel exclusive or special? That’s where a secret menu hack fits the bill.

What is a Secret Menu?

We know what you’re thinking… you’re a total jerk to order something that isn’t on the menu! That couldn’t be further from the truth at Blue Angel Café. We cater towards people’s wants and needs. We don’t want you to leave without being satisfied. Like all great secret menus, it only takes one customer’s creative idea to invent an item that isn’t officially on a menu.

Blue Angel Cafe Secret Menu Hack

So, is there a secret menu at Blue Angel? The answer is yes! One of our personal favorites is the Curried Chicken Wrap. Customers love our curried chicken salad with soft flavors of India to coat the palate. The secret is to take the curry seasoned chicken mixed with mayo, cranberries, and toasted coconut salad of mixed greens and throw it all into a wrap! It makes for the best “unofficial” sandwich out there.

We need your help – Create a fun name for this secret menu item

We are 100% about our customers and instead of asking for the “Chicken Curry Salad in a wrap”, we want it to stand alone under a special name just like a regular menu item, but one that only a few customers know exists. We know how creative you are so share your ideas on what it should be called and we’ll pick a winner in the coming weeks! Stay tuned as we release additional secret menu you have created.