With a nip in the air and fall in full swing, we’re excited to release our latest video! On a perfect summer’s afternoon, we invited a few of our friends over to Blue Angel Café & Catering Company to help us film. We’re all about supporting local businesses and any time we want to create a video, we ALWAYS call Brandi at Tahoe Production House to help us put it together. As you can see, the video came out AMAZING! And the best part… she makes it enjoyable!

A Perfect Summer’s Day

Life is all about embracing the moment. With the doors wide open, the hum of the Farmers Market flowed into the building like music into our restaurant. From the clinking of wine glasses, to laughter being shared and of course the amazing food being eaten it was a great day! Watching the video, the amount of joy can truly be felt. Everywhere we walked in and around the café, there were friends and fun being had. The film really captures the essence of who we are and why we opened Blue Angel Café in the first place. It’s EXACTLY how we want everyone to feel when they step through our doors. Now that we’ve shown what we think is a perfect meal, share with us what you feel makes a great food experience! Until then, Cheers!

Again, thanks to Tahoe Production House!