We wanted to do it right, so we researched loyalty programs for over two years before signing on with Flok to connect you to your much-deserved rewards.

Blue Angel Loyalty Program – All about Surpassing the 10% Locals’ Discount

From the beginning of our Frequent Flyer program, we wanted to surpass the standard 10% locals’ discount with something more substantial that honors all our customers equally while also giving us a direct connection with you. Whether you live in Meyers or Australia, Blue Angel customers are hard to get a hold of and media advertising is not getting cheaper. Quid pro quo.

Stay with us on Flok & We’ll Pay You Back

Blue Angel Loyalty ProgramYou stay with us on the app, we’ll pay you back in the following ways:

  • 15% off regular priced items every time you check in on the app or scan your punch card
  • Free entrée after 10 punches
  • Birthday and anniversary surprises when you enter your info in the app
  • Unrestricted access to our famous weekly specials like BOGO Pizza Wednesdays, Wine Therapy Thursdays, Fish and Chip Fridays.

These weekly specials and the wink-and-a-nod discounts are ending this month, so only Frequent Flyers will continue getting amazing deals. Download this smooth-as-butter app and start scanning your punch card every time you drink or dine at the Cafe.

Get it on iOS

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App Info Will NOT Be Shared With Anyone

While there are plenty of other businesses that operate on the Flok app, your information will not be shared out to other rewards programs unless you ask and you won’t receive notifications from anyone but us. We made sure Flok was a reputable company and not into mass-pestering before signing up with them.

Blue Angel Cafe Outdoor PatioIt’s pretty easy, but yeah there’s a couple steps to get started. If you’re a real Luddite, feel free to ask anyone at the Café and they’ll be happy to assist. Flip-phone users should leave a note on a lightly used napkin for Jeff or Rosie and we’ll work something out. No one gets left behind!


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