For those that have read our other posts, we’re passionate about serving local fare in our restaurant. From our new ciders to the fresh herbs directly from our garden, we do our best to keep it “fresh”. That’s why for 2018 we HAD to be part of Lake Tahoe’s largest farm-to-fork festival – Sample The Sierra. A true showcase of everything that the Sierra Nevada range has to offer, you won’t want to miss it!

Why Fall Is THE Time To Celebrate Food

Sample the Sierra Farm to Fork Festival South Lake TahoeIn the farming world, fall isn’t just an occasion to see vibrant colors. It’s also a time for harvest. All the crops have been picked and are at their freshest. While Sample the Sierra is in its 8th year, the concept of a harvest festival in the fall goes back to the earliest civilizations on Earth. And now… it’s time for all of us to celebrate and give thanks to another successful Sierra Nevada harvest.

Teaming Up With Boeger Winery & RHJ Organics

Sample the Sierra Blue Angel CafeOne of the cool things about Sample the Sierra is each restaurant is partnered with a winery/brewery. We’re excited to team up with our good friends at Boeger Winery. In addition, all the ingredients for our tasty bites will come from RHJ Organics. A small farm based in Watsonville, they are as passionate for cultivating crops and agriculture as we are about food. For a sneak peak of just how good it’s going to be, check out what we did with Boeger at our Winemaker’s dinner last year.

So, come on down and join us at Sample the Sierra! Be sure to stop by, grab a bite to eat, sip a glass of vino from our partner Boeger Winery AND of course say “Hi!” We’re excited and hope you are too!