Life is all about balance. Splurging on ‘special’ foods every once in a while, is OK, but it doesn’t mean that these meals must be made from artificial ingredients. We at Blue Angel Café try our best to stick to making our dishes the healthiest possible.

So, what foods are considered ‘Processed’?

healthy meal in tahoe Corner Store Bodega Canned FoodIf you ask the FDA, the answer is simple. It’s any food other than a raw agricultural commodity and includes any raw agricultural commodity that has been subject to processing, such as canning, cooking, freezing, dehydration, or milling. In our minds, that doesn’t fit our definition. When we hear the word ‘processed’, we think of any cuisine that has been altered with artificial ingredients, fillers and chemical additives. Our goal is to make food that is healthy and with the least amount of these types of ingredients in our café and at our catered events.

Let’s be honest though… sometimes it’s impossible to go for a hike or camping without packaged items. So, what should you do? For starters:

Look for hidden sugars, sodium and fat

Foods (like life) are all about balance too and when low-fat products are manufactured, they must do something to make it taste better. The answer is usually to add sugar. Fortunately, beginning in July 2018, you will know how many grams of sugar were added. On the other side of the spectrum is the saltier side of things. Sure, we need salt in our diets but the amount of sodium put into canned goods is insane! Why? Well, so that they can extend the shelf life and preserve the foods.

Look for Chemical words

fresh food vegan blue angel cafe superfoods

Heavenly Hummus Superfood Bowl

When you look through the list of ingredients on the back of a box, it will give you an idea of what your ingesting. You might want to run on the beach but do you want to eat it? Many canned and fast food chili dishes have silicon dioxide… in layman’s terms that’s sand! Enjoy the taste of paint & sunscreen? Salad dressings, coffee creamers and cake icing may contain titanium dioxide which is used in paint and sunscreen production. So, the next time you’re in the grocery store, be sure to look at those labels.

Or better yet, stop by Blue Angel Café and we’ll be sure to cook you a meal that is filled with flavor instead of what you find in a fast food restaurant.


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