Last summer, we started an experiment. We decided to start making cold brew coffee. Being our first year trying it, we wanted to perfect our craft. The major question was would people want to have a nice, tall, refreshing cup of cold brew coffee served in our café? And the resounding answer was… YES! It was a HUGE success. So, it’s time for us to formally let everyone know that this refreshing drink is back on the menu and ready for you to enjoy!

Cold Brew Isn’t Iced Coffee

cold brew coffee iced coffeeOn the surface, you might think cold brew & iced coffee are the same thing. Well, we hate to tell you, but you’d be wrong. Iced Coffee is just hot coffee that’s been brewed strongly and poured over ice. On the other hand, Cold Brew Coffee never touches hot water. Instead, coarse grounds of coffee are left to steep overnight, creating a wonderfully complex brew that tastes AH-MAY-ZING!

4x’s As Strong Without the Bitterness

When making a strong cup of coffee, typically the first thing that happens is the bitterness factors goes WAY UP. Due to how cold brew is steeped overnight, you don’t get that bitterness. Instead, the coffee is flavorful AND over 4x’s as strong as a normal cup of coffee. So, if you need a caffeine fix and hate the bitterness, we highly suggest trying our cold brew.

We don’t like to toot our own horn… BUT, based on tasting everyone else’s version in town, we think our cold brew coffee is the BEST in Lake Tahoe. Stop by and let us know watcha think.