Lake Tahoe’s 2016-17 ski season will go down in infamy as one of the wildest in everyone’s memory. We started out with a very wet Fall, transitioning to floods in late December/early January and now, in mid-January, we’re getting pummeled with snow. With 2017 just kicking off, Heavenly Ski resort has received over 252” of snow already, tallying to over 330” for the season. Talk about BIG numbers! As the famous Roman playwright Tautus once said, “Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.”

And now… May I introduce our newest wine

Bodini Malbec Wine South Lake TahoeFor such an occasion as this, it’s fitting to do something new and different. To celebrate, the latest edition to our wine selection is the Bodini Malbec from Argentina.  Crafted by winemaker Jimena Lopez, it contains grapes from a small estate in the Mendoza region.  The Bodini Malbec is a great introduction to what this grape has to offer with its fresh, fruit-forward notes.  The Malbec is also considered to have softer tannins than a Cabernet Sauvignon, meaning it is a bit less acidic.

Argentina saved the Malbec

The name Malbec comes from the surname of a Hungarian peasant who first spread the variety throughout France.  Over the centuries, it thrived, but due to 400 French synonyms, confusing what a ‘Malbec’ was, and disastrous frosts in 1956, the Malbec all but lost its popularity in the country.  Fortunately, in 1868, Frenchman Professor Pouet took it upon himself to introduce the varietal to Argentina and thankfully, it has flourished in that part of the world ever since.

What to pair with a Malbec wine

Homemade burger made from pork, lamb & beef, with sweet potato fries, sliced tomatoes, red onion, mixed greens and served with a cold beer Now that we know a little bit about this grape and its history, what should you enjoy with it?  Argentina is home to steaks so it makes sense that it goes well with lean beef and chicken, but, if you’re a vegan or looking for a lighter fare, it also pairs nicely with beets.  Here are a few of our Blue Angel Café specialties to enjoy with this wine:

Barnyard Burger

Thai Chili Chicken

Quinoa & Beet Salad

As we talked about last week, our favorite time of a ski outing is the Après part.  So, when you come up to Tahoe, be sure to stop by, say ‘Hi” and toast with a glass of Malbec.