Lake Tahoe is a beautiful setting for a family reunion, a gathering of friends or even a corporate retreat. A great time to book these types of large gatherings is during the shoulder seasons, like the fall. The crowds have dwindled, the weather is perfect and most of all, price of lodging has gone down. A major obstacle with such a large group is keeping them well fed. Why not consider having Blue Angel cater your Tahoe vacation getaway?

Catering a great option for vacationers

Really? Cater a vacation or family reunion? Be honest with yourself. When you’re in a vacation home with so many people, grocery shopping is the furthest thing from your mind. And, if you do go shopping, it typically translates to food stuffs that are more snack related than full meals. Of course, you can eat out but for every meal? Instead, why not have us bring the food to you!

Zephyr Cove Family Reunion – Great example of Catering Done Right

Just last fall, we got hired for a family reunion. We still remember the experience vividly. Driving past the hotels in our van, lumbering down the highway, we pull into Zephyr Cove. In one of the private communities, we make a left onto a driveway going past three beautifully maintained homes. At the end of the road, we pull up to an old majestic lodge set on the beach… so old that it probably didn’t have running water when it was built. With the sun glinting off the crystal-clear waters of Lake Tahoe, we would lay out a spread of food twice a day for five days. Talking to the family members, they felt like it was the greatest idea ever. It gave them an opportunity to truly enjoy their family reunion and catch up on each other’s lives while at the same time, getting hot meals that were healthy, delicious and fresh. So, the next time you plan a big group gathering, don’t forget to consider having a caterer do the ‘food’ work so you can really enjoy your time here!