Over the last decade, coffee has gone through a major revolution. Instead of just “something” you drink at a greasy spoon, it has elevated to the “star” of the morning. You now can train your palate for coffee just like wine. And since our partner Alpen Sierra Coffee is local, we thought why not venture down and learn more about what they do and what makes them so special.

Alpen Sierra Tour

As we’ve talked about in past articles, we work hard to find local vendors for our restaurant like South Lake Brewing Company and Boeger Winery. For our coffee, it was a no brainer. Besides Christian Waskiewicz, the founder of Alpen Sierra Coffee and his wife Megan being good friends, their coffee is also award winning making them our perfect partner.

Femenino – Grounds for change

As part of our staff retreat this year, we closed shop and headed to the Alpen Sierra roasting facilities. It was on this tour that we learned something both amazing and uplifting that WE wanted to be a part of… Femenino. Femenino is a foundation that supports plantations run by women in Peru, Guatemala & Mexico. Why does it matter? For starters, in these remote coffee communities, women have no voice or say in decisions and have no rights socially, politically or economically. Being poor, uneducated and living in isolation, these circumstances contribute to phenomenal rates of abuse.

As soon as we learned about this inspiring foundation, we knew we had to support the cause by making sure as many of the coffee beans we buy from Alpen Sierra come from a Femenino backed plantation. So, the next time you swing by and try one of our specialty coffees, like the Twinkie, just know each sip you take not only supports local but also helps families around the world. From building roads to schools and even clean water initiatives, the Femenino foundation is awesome and we’re proud to be a supporter!

Want to learn more or donate? Check out the Café Femenino Foundation found here.