Food is our passion and delighting our customers is our calling. But, our story doesn’t start in South Lake Tahoe but instead deep in Europe. Uni, one of our original partners, was studying to be a chef at an art school in Tuscany. It was a time for her to experiment with food and sprout her “Angel” wings. It was also when we began to start our cookbook collection. Over the years, this cookbook collection has grown quite a bit. We know it’s practically impossible to remember what’s on each page in every book without having a photographic memory, so we thought we’d share a few tips on how to make the most out of your own cookbook collection.

4 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Cookbook Collection


Read your cookbook:

We know what you’re thinking… “Are you nuts? Why the heck would I sit & read a cookbook?” Don’t worry. You don’t need to read the WHOLE book but the introduction is quite important. Like a music enthusiast, a collection of recipes inside a book aren’t just picked willy-nilly. They are picked and configured in a certain way. The front of the book helps give you a glimpse how the author chose them and how they are configured. It also helps convey the spirit of the recipe collection. If you’re passionate about food like us, why not embrace the celebration of food the way author wanted us to?

Be Creative!

“Hold on here. I just bought a cookbook so why would I want to improvise?” Of course, you should follow it step-by-step the first time, but cooking is an art. In fact, creativity is expected and encouraged! Once you understand the soul of a certain dish, begin to experiment by doing things like substituting ingredients. Once you find something that works best for you, be sure to write it down in your cookbook so you remember the next time you make it.

Post-It Tabs:

Not all recipes inside of a cookbook are created the same. Some just won’t make the cut for you or will use ingredients that you’ll never want to eat. But, others will be gems you use for special occasions and must be remembered. For those that you love, slap a post-it tab on the page so when you do want to find it, all you need to do is flip to that page. Better yet, you can even color code your tags based on types of meals like fish or veggies.

Take a photo:

Books are amazing but unless you have a Dewey decimal system setup for your home, good luck on finding certain dishes. For recipes you want to try, take a photo, organize by as a photo album and add a descriptive file name. When you want to find the recipe again all you need to do is use a file search on your computer or your photo albums and voila… there it is!

Now that we’ve given you a couple of ideas on how to maximize your cookbook collection, are there any tips you want to share with us?