We’ve all had those times in life filled with stress, work and the monotony of our routines. Sometimes it feels like we can’t detach from the mundane. Then… suddenly out of nowhere, the phone rings! It’s one of your best friends asking if you want to grab a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Fast forward to the cozy café you both picked, you sit there, drinks in hand, having a great conversation. You slowly lean back and take a deep breath, just enjoying the moment. In the background, there is a fire crackling as you make a personal connection with your company, but most of all, you have a sense of warmth in your soul. A smile comes over your face and all the cares of the day disappear for an instant… Now THAT’S Hygge!

Huh? I still don’t get what Hygge is.

Twinkie Fire Candlelight Hygge Blue Angle CafeIt’s a Danish term that unfortunately cannot be directly translated into the English language. Think of it as not just a word but rather a way of life. Pronounced ‘hue-guh’, it’s when you acknowledge a moment of time that is sweet, cozy, charming, or special. You can be on top of a mountain, at home, or even at a restaurant. It’s about noticing that specific point in time and giving credit that it’s something extraordinary, distinctive, or intimate. With an explanation like that, who wouldn’t want a day filled with Hygge?

Blue Angel is THE place to get your Hygge on!

As soon as we learned about Hygge, it felt as if we’d been living this lifestyle the entire time we’ve been open. Our #1 goal at Blue Angel Café & Catering Co is to break up the mundane repetition with a little bit of celebration. From having a cozy fireplace to comfort foods such as our Barnyard Burger, we want you to come on in and take a break from life. So, the next time you visit, be sure to tag us with your “Hygge” occasion. We’d love to be part of your special moment amidst the crazy, hectic thing we all call life.


  1.  Serenity from the summer madness in Lake Tahoe & international cuisine

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