A few weeks ago, we celebrated the new year at our favorite annual party – Snowglobe. It was an unforgettable event. Hearing the music thump through the picturesque pines and seeing people of all ages dancing their hearts out, it washed our stresses away. Seeing such positive energy in a large group of people inspired us to bring back our own event that we haven’t done in years.

Locally inspired to bring International flare

Image by David Gallard (Mr Guep)

During our New Year’s celebration, the whole experience brought back memories of Rosie’s stint in Bournemouth, England where she studied. At that time, she used to frequent an event called Jazz Juice. It was a weekly DJ set held in various nightclubs across the city that exposed her to all kinds of music she’d never heard before. Why not bring this positive energy AND international flare to South Lake Tahoe?

Weekly Jazz Juice International DJ set to Lake Tahoe

Inspired by Snowglobe, this was our chance to go back to our International/Ski Bum roots. It’s time to make a special happy hour dedicated to the global transplants in town for the winter. To bring this to fruition, we reached out to our good friend Craig, a DJ & Epic Mix Photographer at Heavenly. He used to spin a mix of Motown, Funk and House music in our Cafe every week just for kicks, so we pitched our new idea to him. He thought it was amazing! The goal is to give ski fanatics, internationals in Tahoe and students at LTCC a gathering at which to commiserate.

Newest Happy Hour Jazz Juice Tuesdays

And with that, we’re proud to announce our newest Happy Hour – Jazz Juice!

Every Tuesday from 3 pm to 6 pm, through the end of the ski season, Craig will be playing an eclectic mix of music, guaranteed to make you smile and even dance the afternoon away.

More details to come…


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