Over the past few years, the Kombucha craze has caught fire in the US. Although Kombucha is widely available in grocery stores, the beauty of this beverage lies in the long-practiced tradition of teaching the methodology to friends, family and fellow community members. Blue Angel is excited to spread this tradition in our community! Join us for a Kombucha Class on Sunday April 23rd and learn how to brew your own batch from scratch.

What’s Kombucha?

kombucha class south lake tahoe fermentationEver wondered what Kombucha is? Well, it’s a fermented sweet tea made from a culture called SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) combined with a starter liquid of tea and sugar. SCOBY is one of those natural wonders that fascinates science. Interacting harmoniously, the bacteria and yeast coexist by consuming the waste of the other for their own nourishment. The result is an ingredient essential to the delicious delight we call Kombucha.

Where did Kombucha come from?

Like most ancient culinary practices, there are many stories of how Kombucha came to be. The most definitive record is that of a Korean doctor named Komu-ha who practiced in the Korean kingdom of Silla in the early 5th century. He was said to have brought his special elixir to the ailing Japanese emperor named In-giyo. Over the years, this doctor became known as Dr. Kombu and throughout ancient China, this elixir was regularly consumed to remedy inflammatory ailments such as arthritis and thought to ward off cancer.

Health Benefits of Kombucha

Fast forward to today… it has scientifically been proven that drinking Kombucha has a plethora of health benefits. The drink is filled with good gut-loving bacteria, yeast rich in vitamin-B, and many healthy acids and enzymes. Finally, it also aids in digestion and nutrient absorption. Immune support and detoxification are another two huge benefits of drinking Kombucha daily. Kombucha is also considered an adaptogen, which encourages homeostasis in the body.

Learn how to make Kombucha

kombucha class south lake tahoe fermentationWe are lucky here at Blue Angel Café to have a Kombucha specialist as part of our team! Please join Danielle, who’s been home brewing for the past 3 years, as she teaches us more about the origins and practices of making this wondrous drink. You’ll learn and participate in the step-by-step process so you can brew your very own batch from scratch. We’ll explore:

  • Flavors
  • Alternative and fun twists to elevate the more common Kombucha recipes

Our goal is to send you away with the materials, knowledge and excitement to become your own home-brew Kombucha master. Happy brewing!

Event Details

When: Sunday April 23rd, 2017 – 1pm
Where: The Loft at Blue Angel Cafe
Cost: $20 and if you can bring your own vessel that you can continue using at home. A 1 gallon or more glass container (with or without a spigot) is perfect.