Boy, has the spring been a rollercoaster of weather. Luckily, as soon as the calendar hit June 1st we’re now in full summer mode. Ample amounts of sunshine, warm days of adventure, and cool nights for lounging in our patio. What more could you want? Life doesn’t get much better than this. It also means Lake Tahoe wedding season is here… Our Specialty at Blue Angel Café & Catering Company.

What is our favorite food to enjoy at a Wedding

Weddings are a special moment in time. A chance to celebrate positivity and ring in a new chapter in our lives with family and friends. Sitting down for a moment to catch our breath one question popped into our heads. What is our favorite food to enjoy when we go to a wedding? For us, it’s all about enjoying an occasion food.

What is an Occasion Food?

We know what you’re thinking “occasion” food? These are food items that you don’t usually get to enjoy often but when you do they’re to die for. A way to mark the moment forever. For us, it’s all about the Prime Rib / Tri-Tip. These cuts of delectable treats are rich and tasty. Every time I enjoy our version I’m transported back in time to the Middle Ages. I feel like it’s something royalty would partake in at a grand party. We smear ours with herbs and make sure that the exterior is seared to a crispy finish encapsulating the juice inside the soft center.

Meat, isn’t the only thing for dinner

Of course, we understand that at a wedding or any catering event you need to make sure you cover everyone’s needs not just your own. We go into this a bit more in our post – 5 things Weddings and Catered Events don’t ask… But should!