Here at Blue Angel Café, we’re “glass half-full” kind of people. The idea behind the English Idiom is that two people can look at the same glass and see completely different things. The optimist sees only the drink that is still there while the pessimist, only the drink that is gone. We feel as though South Lake Tahoe is going through a renaissance. Of course, growth is painful, but on a positive note, so many new businesses are opening in our fair city and one of the ones we want to highlight is our newest beer on tap – South Lake Brewing Company.

Marlette Blonde perfect for a new craft beer drinker!

South Lake Brewing Co Local Tahoe Beer Marlette Blonde

Image taken by: Local Freshies

Located on the other side of town, this new brewery is as passionate about their beer as we are about our food. The latest edition to our craft beer menu is their Marlette Blonde. Named after Marlette Lake, this reservoir was built in 1873, providing water to Nevada mining operations by flume. It was constructed to ship logs via a waterway to the Incline Village lumber mill. The flume itself no longer exists but it’s the starting point of the most famous Lake Tahoe single track mountain biking trail – the ‘Flume Trail‘. Just like the trail is the best introduction to Lake Tahoe views, this well-balanced American Blonde Ale is a perfect way for new craft beer enthusiasts to dip their feet into the scene. The ale has notes of honey, pear and tangerine with a medium-body, finishing off with a slightly sweet after taste… an easy and smooth drinker!

What to pair with the Marlette Blonde

Thai Chili Chicken Pizza South Lake Brewing Beer Pairing

Thai Chili Chicken Pizza is a great option to pair with our newest beer

We know what you’re going to ask – “What should I pair with this new beer?” This beer matches perfectly with any of our Asian-influenced dishes or spicy options such as the:

  • Curried Chicken Salad
  • Thai Chili Chicken Pizza
  • Piri Piri Pork Ribs

Of course, these are only recommendations. Once you stop by and try our latest beer on draft, be sure to let us know if there’s a certain dish that fits even better for you!


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