No matter how you look at it, a wedding is like a massive project. Days, weeks, months of hard work all combine to this special day for the bride & groom. And once the day is over… come on, let’s be honest here. Everyone including the newlywed couple wants to let their hair down & enjoy the glow afterwards. That’s where the morning after wedding brunch comes in. AND if you partner with Blue Angel Café & Catering, we’ll keep it simple so you don’t have to put any thought into it except to relax & eat!

Why The Morning After Wedding Brunch Is A Great Idea

After all the anticipation and excitement, THE wedding day has come and gone. While you’re thrilled to start the journey into married life, you might feel a bit downtrodden that all the fun of planning is over. What should you do then? Have a morning after wedding brunch! There’s no better way to wrap up the wedding day chapter in your life. Two families have now united and built relationships that are deeper & richer than ever before.

Keep It Simple

morning after wedding brunch

Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay

We know what you’re thinking – another event?!?! While everything else within your wedding can be complicated, the farewell brunch shouldn’t be. This is your chance to catch up and hear everyone’s stories from the joyous event & say farewell to those who made it. A great option is to lay out a bunch of platters in the hotel lobby most everyone is staying at. Of course, we like to “spice” up the food choices a bit. We love providing things like quiche and smoked salmon or maybe even some of our signature scones. This gives people the opportunity to mingle AND eat a delicious spread.

Personally, we love this new trend in weddings. It’s an opportunity to keep the celebration going. Happy After Wedding Day!