Just like any great meal, you must finish it with a dessert as fitting as the meal itself. In skiing & snowboarding, this is what we call ‘Après-Ski.’

The Origin of Après-Ski… The Word Might Be French But The Norwegians Invented It

Blue Angel Happy Hour 1Après & skiing have been intertwined since the advent of sliding down a mountain was perfected. In the 1800’s, shortly after honing the downhill technique, après started in people’s homes. This social activity then transitioned into ski clubs such as the Christiana Club in Oslo, Norway. Back in 1877, this after-skiing-gathering consisted of aquavit (a flavoured spirit similar to Schnapps, largely produced in Scandinavia) passed around in small oft-refilled glasses to warm the soul of the Norwegian skier. The fun didn’t stop there. Dinner then followed featuring large potato portions to absorb the bountiful amounts of drinks consumed. In 1893, a Norwegian named Olaf Kjelsberg migrated this tradition south to the Ski Club Glarus in Switzerland. Like wildfire, this tradition spread all across the Alps and evolved into what we know today.

The Recipe For Après Delight

The spirit of Après is what Blue Angel Café & Catering Co was founded on. Après-skiing has always been the experience that we love the most out of the entire day. So, what’s the perfect après location like after a day on the slopes or in the backcountry?

No dress codes. Wear anything you want!
Cozy and relaxed atmosphere
A warm spot to settle into… and a fireplace too!
Budget friendly & kind to your wallet

‘Reeking’ Of The Mountains… We Welcome You!

Coming off the mountain, your gear will reek of all your mountain fun and the great outdoors. This is a symbol of victory! A badge of honor! Après is a time to celebrate the day and all you accomplished. Imagine… Glancing outside, the snowflakes swirl gently down to the ground as you sit by a softly glowing fire, warming your soul. Next to you, your friends are laughing and talking about the adventures they each had over the past few hours. Holding a cup of glühwein, you breath in the fresh aroma while taking a slow sip. You begin to warm and think to yourself, “If today was this amazing, what will tomorrow entail?”


Until then, enjoy your moment of glow from a job well done. These are the moments we create every day at Blue Angel Café. So, come on in and share your experiences with us.


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