Tuesday, March 14th, is International Pi Day. It’s an opportunity to commemorate the Greek letter π used in mathematics. The famous numeric version 3.141592… relates to the circumference of a circle. Since we love food, when we put together circles and π, we think of pies – the tasty eating-kind! In honor of International Pi Day, Blue Angel Café and Catering Co. is celebrating with lots and lots of pies!

History of the Pie

If all this wasn’t enough reason to enjoy a savory pie, these delicious treats can be traced back to the Egyptians and Greeks. It wasn’t until the American Revolution that the pie became what we consider it to be today. Prior to our era, the crust was never eaten; instead, it was a ‘holder’ or ‘coffin’ for the filling. How uncivilized they would find us to be eating the crust!

Specials for International Pi Day

Shepherd's PieIn honor of International Pi Day, we have a couple meat pie specials just for you:

Shepherds’ Pie

This scrumptious dish is filled with slow-cooked lamb, veggies and herbs, topped off with baked mashed potatoes as the lid. Served with a house salad for $18.

If you aren’t into lamb, don’t worry! You can also have your Shepherd’s Pie with chicken and mushroom for $16.

St. Patrick’s Day Special – Beer and Pie

Let’s not forget St. Patrick’s Day this Friday, March 17th. We decided to celebrate both! So, what’s the right way to celebrate this holiday? First, you should wear something green. Second, you should enjoy a beer. Third, eat some Irish-style food. You’ll have to cover the first requirement but we’re making sure that we cover the other two! Shepherd’s Pie and a beer are a great way to toast to St. Patrick’s Day. Add a pint of Stella to your meal for $4!

$4 pints of Stella ALL DAY

To keep with the Pie celebration, we are ‘rehashing’ our pies from International Pi Day to make them a wee bit more Irish! For St. Patrick’s Day, we’re calling it the Kildare Shepherds’ Pie.  The lamb version will stay but the chicken and mushroom version will be made with a Cornish Hen instead. Yum!

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