You’re about to enjoy a family reunion, wedding anniversary or a big ‘ole birthday party. Of course, you could have it at a banquet hall but why rent a venue when you have a beautiful home with an amazing view? Instead, you’ve made the decision to have the shindig at home. The next looming question… “Should you make it a potluck or go with a private caterer?”

Cheap doesn’t mean good

Happy Birthday Lake Tahoe CateringLet’s be honest! The main reason people go with a potluck is because it’s more cost effective than its alternative. But, cheaper doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. If you’re going to have more than 10 or 15 people at your gathering, it might be time to consider catering. Why? Well, here a few great reasons.

3 Reasons to go with a Private Caterer

Blue Angel Cafe Tahoe Catering International CuisineClean-up

Imagine yourself with 20 guests at your house. That means lots of plates plus silverware and cups. Even if you use disposable utensils and plates, the serving dishes still need to be cleaned and scrubbed. After hours of fun, you’re left with hours of toil and trouble. Ugh! If you choose a private cater though, they’ll be the ones doing all the hard-work for you.

Pleasing Palates

Unless you’re a mind reader, with so many folks at your party there’s a good chance the food selection isn’t going to be right. This is where an expert caterer, such as Blue Angel Café & Catering Company, can help. We’ve done massive parties & events and know what to serve so that everyone leaves happy and full.

Leave it to the Pros

Organizing a party is stressful and if you do everything yourself, there’s a good chance you won’t even enjoy it. Sure, you could hire your daughter’s friends to help with clean-up and serving, but they can get distracted and create more work not less… because parties are fun! If you hire a caterer, they have a staff that’s done it before and will make sure all food related items aren’t on your mind so you can enjoy the party and eat too.

Finally, if you hire Blue Angel Café & Catering, we’ll show up with our own equipment, our own platters, and can even stay and serve the food! Talk about easy. With so many years of being in business, you know we’ll make you’re gathering the talked about event of the year. Happy festivities!