Have you ever taken a moment to really look at Ski Run Boulevard? At one end, you have a beautiful marina with access to one of the most pristine mountain lakes in the world. And at the other, chairlifts rise directly from the valley floor up into the heavens for world class skiing. Lining its manicured sidewalks are charming businesses, restaurants and historic cabins. So few business districts exist in the world giving you access to both mountains and a huge body of water that we are a one-of-a kind gateway in the U.S. We checked.

Heavenly Mountain Ski Run Boulevard

Ski Run Boulevard – One of only THREE in the World

Ski Run Farmer's MarketAccording to our globe-trotting advisors, there are only two other boulevards in the world like Ski Run with this type of access. One’s in Argentina and the other in Switzerland. The people & businesses of Ski Run understand how special this stretch of road is and want to make it even better. A broad group of business owners, landlords and residents are putting forward a vision plan for Ski Run to:

  • bring more fun and unique businesses,
  • improve housing for residents,
  • ensure it is a welcoming place to walk and ride,
  • introduce public art, parks and open spaces,
  • encourage interesting architecture and mixed-use redevelopment,
  • and establish gateway features at both ends of the road

The uber goal is to create a vibrant neighborhood and shopping district that’s a brilliant example of Lake Tahoe’s people and places. Can you tell we love having a restaurant on Ski Run?

Making Ski Run Boulevard Great Again

Well, it’s already great. Better if we had a park. And a ton of community energy and support are currently flowing toward an empty lot on Ski Run Boulevard owned by Safeway Corp. As part of its renovation years ago, the Safeway store on Highway 50 was required to buy some land and return it back to a natural setting as mitigation for increasing its size. Instead of just leaving it as an unkempt lot with a chain link fence around it forever, our goal is to make it into a park. After years of heavy discussions, many groups including ours are getting behind this and other options for public park spaces on Ski Run. A top-requested feature of the park is a climbing/bouldering wall like the Teton Boulder Park in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. How cool!

Vision Planners Are Naturally Dreamers

Of course, we don’t want to just stop there. We want to make the Boulevard a focal point and destination for anyone that visits. Something that draws people off the less quaint, five-lane breadth of US Hwy 50 and into our little slice of heaven. Like any grassroots movement, it’s not a sprint but a marathon, and we hope you feel the same way as we do!


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