One of our goals at Blue Angel Café is to locally source as much of our food as we can. It’s almost impossible to do this ourselves so we’ve joined forces with the South Tahoe Restaurant Association to make this happen. In its infancy, the plan is to work with a group called Tahoe Food Hub so that ALL restaurants in South Lake Tahoe will have access to produce from local small farms.

Who Is Tahoe Food Hub?

A non-profit based in Truckee, this organization’s goal is to increase access to small-scale growers in Northern Nevada, the Sierra foothills & throughout the larger food shed of the Sierra Nevada. They do this by building a network between farms that are within 100-miles of Lake Tahoe and connecting them to restaurants, small grocers, schools and hospitals.

Why Locally Sourced Produce Is Important

Besides the classic reason that supporting local is just a good concept, when you have food that doesn’t have to travel a long distance, you get extra benefits such as:

Eating ColorFood tastes and looks better

When it’s local, the crops can be picked at their peak. For meat, when processed in nearby facilities, the farmer typically has a direct relationship with processors, overseeing quality – unlike animals processed in large industrial facilities.

Better For you

The shorter the time between the farm and your table, the less likely nutrients will be lost from fresh food.

Better for the environment

Food imported from far away has traveled thousands of miles on vessels, trucks or planes before it gets to you. That’s a BIG carbon footprint that could be avoided by buying local.

Helps Local Economy

When you purchase ingredients that are local, the money stays close to home and is reinvested with businesses and services in your community.

What Can You Do To Help Make This Happen?

This concept is just kicking off, so we need you as our customers to voice your passion for this in any restaurant you visit. Let them know that this is important to you!