While it might be a bit melancholy that the ski season has wrapped up at Heavenly Mountain Resort, it doesn’t mean we’re going to let ourselves get depressed. Instead, we’ve set our sights to the next season in Lake Tahoe… for us, that’s gardening season. Our herb garden, that is!

Blue Angel Café Herb Garden

Blue Angel Herb Garden

A mint herb garden in Germany – Image by: Gelly

Before you say it, we know what you’re thinking. “An herb garden?!?!?” For those that have come into our restaurant in late spring or summer, you might think all the colorful arrangements behind our restaurant are for decoration. Nope, that’s not it! They might be pretty but they’re useful too. Every spring we set aside a small parcel of land to grow herbs for our dishes and drinks. In the coming weeks, we’re working with our professional gardener to maximize every single inch of this garden space.

What Menu Items Use Our Freshly Grown Herbs

Cioppino – one of our many items that use our fresh Oregano

Nearly every dish we serve gets at least one or two of the ingredients from our herb garden. Here’s just a few of the items and their paired herbs:

Blackberry Mojitos – Mint

Chicken Pot Pie – Tarragon

Tomato Basil, Cioppino… too many to list – Oregano

Summer Means Freshness

We love après skiing, but summer is our chance to really amp things up on the freshness scale. From obtaining local Tahoe Food Hub ingredients to growing our own herbs, we can’t wait to showcase this season’s bounty. Are you ready?


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