This summer has been a whirlwind of change when it comes to the adult refreshments we offer. From bringing in exciting new local Hard Ciders to Hard Root Beer Floats, of course just like we always do, our beer selection in the summer changes as well. With summertime fun time in full swing, be sure to stop by and enjoy our new main line IPA!

Good Bye 21st Amendment – Hello Breaking Bud!

We’ve been a long-time purveyor of 21st Amendment Brewery. Their Brew Free or Die IPA has long been a staple of our menu brewed with some serious West Coast attitude. But, like anything we knew we had to pick a new one for our summer time splash this year.

Knee Deep Brewing – Breaking Bud IPA

best gnocchi in Lake TahoeSo, we know what you’re going to ask next… “So, what’s your main line IPA on draft then?” It’s Knee Deep Brewing’s new take on the old classic American IPA. As we took our fist sip of this tasty concoction, we were blown away to find the bitterness and alcohol content that typically exists in this type of beer has been harnessed. While it still starts with the aggressiveness of a West Coast IPA, it’s finish is replaced with tropical fruit hop flavors and aromas of Mosaic. For those meat lovers in our group this hoppy beer is a match made in heaven for our new flavor packed Elk Burger. All beers go great with pasta, but Breaking Bud is one of the best IPAs we’ve tried against our cauliflower gnocchi. The house made gluten free gnocchi in a toasted pine nut, spinach and parmesan brown butter sauce will melt into the light crystal malts and the hops will bite into buttery sauce and toppings. In the end, Breaking Bud pairs well with any number of dishes, so feel free to experiment!