In the culinary world, herbs and spices are differentiated. Herbs refer to the leafy green or flowering parts while a spice is taken from another portion of the plant such as the seeds, bark, roots or even the fruit itself. What’s our personal favorite herb? Rosemary is the clear winner due to its history and that it lends itself to meat-based delights.

Where The Term “Rosemary” Came From

As the legend goes… Mother Mary, on her escape into Egypt, was sheltered by a Rosemary bush. She threw her blue cape over the bush to keep dry from the storm and its white flowers turned to blue. Forever after, the plant was called “The rose of Mary”.

Rosemary flower

The “Rose of Mary”

A Love Charm

Considered sacred in ancient times, it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that Rosemary became considered a love charm. The bride would wear a headpiece made out of the herb while the rest of the wedding party would don themselves with sprigs of it. In fact, the most elegant weddings would have those sprigs dipped in gold, tied with a ribbon and given to the wedding guests. Talk about luxurious!

Why We Love Rosemary So Much

fresh herbs rosemary blue angel cafe

Besides the deep stories and legends behind this herb, it also holds a special place in our hearts for a few other reasons. First, it is drought tolerant meaning it can be used in xeriscaping (i.e. zero or low-water landscaping). Second, the plant itself is beautiful and naturally keeps pests away. Finally, when roasted with meats or vegetables, the leaves impart a mustard-like aroma with an additional fragrance of charred wood that goes well with barbecued foods.

So, the next time you come in and try our Free Range Chicken, Steak Frites or Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, be sure to thank the Rosemary for its powerful flavors that heighten your culinary experience.


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