Winter is a time of year to get on the slopes, enjoy the holidays with your family and friends, and of course sit by the fire and enjoy a hot beverage. The first drinks that come to mind on a chilly evening are hot chocolate or a cup of coffee. What if you want something a bit more “adult”? Have you ever tried Glühwein, also known as Mulled Wine? This time of year is perfect to enjoy it and Blue Angel Café & Catering Co. makes it from scratch!

Where did Glühwein come from?

The first ever recorded “spiced wine” dates back to the 2nd Century, when Romans would travel to colder climates around Europe and bring it along to keep themselves warm. What we think of in the modern era as “Glühwein” or “Glow-wine” was actually named after the hot irons once used to heat the wine itself. Count John IV of Katzenelnbogen, a German nobleman, is credited with the oldest documented drinking vessel for Glühwein – his gold plated lockable silver tankard (similar to a beer stein) dated to c. 1420.

What is Glühwein and what makes Blue Angel’s the best Glühwein in Tahoe?

best gluhwein in tahoe Blue Angel CafeSo, what makes “Glühwein”… Glühwein? First, the wine needs to be heated to near boiling. Second, spices must be added to craft the flavor of the drink. Like other types of wine, there is a BIG difference between a good experience and a terrible one. Around this time of year, Blue Angel Café begins to serve this amazing concoction. So, what makes our Glühwein rise above the rest?

Our Recipe is from the Homeland
When living in Switzerland, we got a chance to learn and obtain a classic “Alpen” recipe.

Aroma is tantalizing
If you visit us during the winter, the first thing you’ll notice as you step into the café is the aroma. This is from the fresh Glühwein brewed and ready for you.

Made from scratch
We start by pouring Sherry over piloncillo bought from a local Mexican market. The mixture is then lit on fire until the sugar becomes caramelized. From there, we take fresh oranges and spike them with cloves and cinnamon, making them look like citrus pincushions! If that wasn’t enough, we then crush cinnamon sticks and place them on the bottom of the kettle used to keep the wine warm for you. Of course, we can’t give you the “secret” ingredients that make our Glühwein so special, but we can guarantee this is the most authentic Glühwein you will enjoy outside of Europe. Come on in and enjoy a glass and pair it with a snack or even a tasty meal!


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