Our award-winning catering service has been operating in South Lake Tahoe for more than a decade. While we love our own onsite catering venue the Blue Angel Loft, sometimes you need something bigger. Something more extravagant! That’s where Valhalla Tahoe comes in. Being one of the preferred Valhalla Tahoe catering vendors, we’ve handled countless wedding & social events there. And every time we do it, we’re blown away at its beauty.

Historical AND Elegant – Valhalla Tahoe

valhalla grand hall tahoe best wedding cateringPart of the Baldwin and Pope estates next to Camp Richardson, Valhalla is the perfect embodiment of what many call the “Old Tahoe” style. Massive log columns highlight the building’s somewhat rustic external appearance, yet inside, the decor represents the most elegant period of Tahoe life. Built in 1924 as part of the Heller Estate, the great hall’s name was taken from the Viking afterlife.

Why Valhalla Tahoe Is The Perfect Wedding Venue

valhalla grand hall tahoe best wedding cateringAs soon as you step into the great hall, you’ll marvel at the craftsmanship. The twenty-foot-tall natural stone fireplace is a perfect focal point to say your wedding vows. Each and every inch of the building & surrounding area was built to last just like your future marriage. Taking the steps down from the hall, your guests will be greeted to the Grand Lawn. Looking out over the glass-like waters of Tahoe while sipping a cocktail, you’ll understand why Mark Twain called it the “fairest picture the whole world affords.”

What Makes Blue Angel Catering THE Choice For Valhalla

Being such massive grounds, it can be difficult to cater and the ins and outs of the property have a long learning curve. Fortunately, we’re great at it! Why? First, we LOVE the estate and therefore give it the care & respect it deserves. Similar to entering into the wilderness, we’ll leave the place even better than whence we came. Second, we’ll be sure to take on the responsibility of care so you and your guests can relax and enjoy the surroundings and our amazing food.

So, if you’re looking for a remarkable lakeside venue that will make your heart say “I DO!”, it’s got to be Valhalla. And we hope you think of us when you do pick it. We’ll make sure to cater to your needs and make that special day even more amazing.