For those that have visited us in the past week, you know we’ve turned the volume up past 10 when it comes to flavors. We’re not talking about the spiciness… but rather how GREAT it is! Like any great change, some things had to be sacrificed to make room for our NEW Mountain Bistro Menu. Here’s a list of some of the “victims” of the menu update.

TWO Freezers

Image by annca from Pixabay

With our new chef Jared Dill focusing on even more local produce and the highest quality meats, the need for freezers has gone the wayside. Instead, we’re making EVERYTHING from scratch with real ingredients. Talk about a labor of love!

One Microwave

Image by Katie White from Pixabay

In case you hadn’t noticed, the landscape’s been changing in South Lake Tahoe. There’s a lot more restaurant chains in the Tahoe Basin. If you’ve ever wondered why their meals are so consistent, it’s because they’re premade, which requires reheating. We’re differentiating ourselves from the pack and creating something you won’t get anywhere else.

Pasta Pot / Moist Towelettes

One of the most popular dishes on our old menu was the Cioppino and we were sad to see it leave. Fortunately, we’ve replaced it with such delicacies as the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake as well as an Herb Salmon entrée. And back to the crab cake… it’s a true east coast style lump crab cake that’s done right!

Saltine Crackers

We understand that saltine crackers are a common accompaniment to a bowl of soup or chili, but we aren’t looking for “good.” We want GREAT! So, what you get now is a piece of our freshly made in-house Focaccia. The exterior provides the crunch but the inside is soft and tender. A perfect match for our artisan soups and world-class salads.

As you step into Blue Angel Café, say a solemn good bye to the victims of the old menu and an exciting “Howdy” to the new menu!