The day has finally come. The windows in your home are wide open letting in the fresh mountain air and the smell of nature. Just outside the room, you hear birds singing a song of beauty. Today is special. Everything seems more electric. It’s your wedding day! Like all major events and especially your wedding, it’s good to be prepared for those unexpected hiccups that always seem to happen. Based on our years of experience with weddings, here’s some essentials you should have in your Wedding Day Survival Kit.

Wedding Day Survival Kit

First Aid/Skin colored Bandaids

Wedding Day Survival KitYour dress fits perfectly and the shoes you chose match to the ‘T’! Unfortunately, wearing a new pair of shoes sometimes is painful. We suggest carrying a first aid kit and skin colored bandaids for sore spots and to help prevent blisters from those amazing-looking shoes!

Spot remover

No matter how careful you are, you’re going to need to eat something at your wedding and that means there’s a chance someone might get food on your outfit or even their own. Carrying a spot remover will make sure if it does happen, you’re ready!

Breath mints

You have friends and family from around the country and maybe even the world sharing in your special day. While grabbing a bite to eat or drinking (lots of) coffee, your breath transforms into a dragon. Oh no! Well, if you carry some breath mints, you can fight off any food or drink and enjoy eating, drinking and talking to everyone with confidence!

Wedding Day Survival KitMasseuse

You want this day to be perfect, but something is going to happen that will frustrate you. Instead of getting over stressed, spend a little money and get a massage. In fact, why not hire a masseuse for the day to help calm you down in those wedding-frenzy moments you didn’t expect?


If you follow these ideas, we know that if you do have an emergency, you’ll be prepared! As we’ve stated before, our goal at Blue Angel Café and Catering Company is to exceed your expectations. If you’re planning a wedding or catered event this season, don’t hesitate to ask for our expertise. We’re here to help!


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