With a little over a month until the unofficial end of summer, time is shrinking to visit Lake Tahoe before fall shows up. What better way to enjoy the weather than grabbing a cold one in our beer garden? The question really is… “Which one?” At the beginning of the season, we talked a bit about our new line-up of beers and wines. In this week’s article, we highlight a few more of our newest beers & hard ciders. In fact, we’re proud of having one of the most unique South Lake Tahoe’s beer list.

Belching Beaver Brewery – Peanut Butter Latte Ale

Belching Beaver Brewery South Lake Tahoe BeerAre you a Reese’s® fan? How about dark chocolate? Belching Beaver Brewery’s beer is simply irresistible for anyone with a sweet tooth. And their newest silky-smooth ale is delightfully easy to drink with cascading aromas of roasted peanuts, dark chocolate and coffee. With such flavors, it goes well with our warm caramel-salted brownie with a pretzel crust, served a la mode.

Stone Brewing Delicious IPA – Gluten Free

Our menu is designed in such a way that no matter what type of dietary requirements you have, we make sure there’s something for everyone. That’s why we carry the “gluten free” Stone Brewing Delicious IPA. Stone is known for making some of the boldest beers on the market and the creativity that went into this one is remarkable. How so? Well, through an enzymatic process by White Labs, they were able to remove nearly all of the gluten that is created when making their beer. There are some traces of gluten but they are at a level that aren’t even measurable with available testing methods. Cool! So, no gluten but what about the taste? Compared to other gluten-free beers available, Stone doesn’t short change on flavor. This beer is for any hop lover. Each sip unfolds with an explosion of lemon zest followed by the hoppy bitterness that lingers on your tongue. A perfect beer on a hot day!

Schilling Lumberjack Rhubarb Hard Cider

Rhubarb is an interesting delicacy. While the leaves might be poisonous to humans, the stalk itself can be eaten raw or added into pies and other things like cider. A great example of using Rhubarb correctly is the Schilling Lumberjack Rhubarb Hard Cider. While many may not notice the rhubarb, the best way to describe it’s flavor is like a sour green apple. With the tartness of the rhubarb combining with the flavor of the apples, it creates a moderately tart flavored drink that is refreshing.

As you can see, depending on the mood you’re in or what you eat or drink, we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy this summer. Please stop by and join us!


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