Have you ever had a beer that left you feeling like a balloon? Frustrating, right? There’s nothing worse than being bloated or sluggish after a pint. One way to combat that feeling is to get yourself a beer on Nitro. Besides that smooth silky flavor reminiscent of a Guinness, it also makes sure you aren’t left with that “full” feeling.

How our Nitro idea came to fruition

Image taken by: Aaron Hockley

While visiting the UK, one of the things we saw in every Pub was what they call a draw ale. The kegs sat in the basements and were “sucked” up to the tap via a handle. The joke was that the Publican or pub runner who drew the beer would have one massive arm like Popeye from all that pumping! A perfect profession for an arm wrestler. These naturally fermented ales had no carbonation added into them. You could drink these drawn ales like water without feeling bloated or gassy… AND the taste was smooth yet silky.

We love the taste of these hand drawn ales but it’s logistically impossible. So, we made sure we got the closest thing to it: nitro on tap in Tahoe. We had to change-out the existing equipment to make it possible but we feel that the extra cost was worth it.

What’s on Nitro in Tahoe

This tap typically has our biggest seasonal rotation choices. In the summer, you might find something light but for the upcoming winter, it’s the Deschutes Brewery Obsidian Stout. On nitro, this stout has the flavor of deep dark chocolate with a velvety smooth finish like none other. So, if you’re around, we highly suggest stopping by and grabbing one. And don’t forget… if you’re looking for a warm drink instead, we got you covered too! Our Glühwein is now available as well.